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Friday, February 25, 2005

I lost that feeling I had just a short while ago. I don't know where it went or why it left at all. Rather, I think it was mean of it to come to begin with! I had a renewed hope in my abilities and even throughout all the mess around this place, I saw a light shining in the darkness then.

My ankle hasn't felt any better and I definitely need to rest off of it for a few days. Oh what will become of my once-great career. When I am gone, will anyone remember my accomplishments? Why did Ackmad leave me at such a horrible time? I wonder if he was scared to commit. The other guys at the gas station said he was married, but I think they were just jealous or something. I mean, I have the good looks and the form and poise to be a real thriller. Fluffy tells me everyday you know.

Leaving all those bad thoughts behind, I don't think I will leave them behind. What if I leave town and someone noticed I was gone.. Yes, people would realize they love and adore me again!! They would have no other choice. I will win more than their hearts, but grab them by the soul and shove them into my world where I am.. am..

beautiful? Yes, of course I am.
swan-like? I must, must be, otherwise how would I get around so easily??
idol-material? There are so many out there that want to be me.

And that reminds me! I heard Mauve and Tom talking about me and what the doctor did to me while I was asleep. They said they stuck me with all kinds of needles and force medicine down my throat but that is preposterous! When I woke up from my nap I was doing just fine, but they said I wasn't allowed to walk outside for a little while. They even strapped my arms into a chair so I couldn't leave. Who are they to keep me there? My son will come home tomorrow or the next day and we will have a family again and we will go grocery shopping and I'll buy some new clothes with that money I've won from the Publisher's Clearing House sweepstakes (I'm so lucky!) and a big house too. I hope those two burn in hell for their whisperings. I know they will someday!

I think I am too upset to write anymore today Mr. Journal. I'm going to go water the plants I put in the yoo-hoo bottle vase.

~The Epic Tales of Joggey-Smokey Lady, Volume 16

Grey (2:19 AM)

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