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Friday, March 04, 2005

I left today.

Looking around me, I don't know where I am exactly. The world is dim and my eyes are growing weaker by the day..

Four days on my own now and nowhere to be found is my son or my grandchildren or Fluffy. I thought they would have found me by now but I know they're looking. I have so much faith and love in them. I know any moment now he will flip over this box and find me and say "Surprise!" and I will jump up and kiss him!

I'll use this page today to talk about rainbows. What if wolves trailblazed like I did? Kittens are sweet. It's 1:37am right, the perfect number and oddities overcome everything I could imagine. I prefer the yellows but the reds are nice too. I have this weird book I'm using as a pillow and it's soaked in rainwater. It's raining now and very cold outside. I found mounting tape on the ground outside near a mailbox that resembled an airplane, so I laughed.

Tomorrow things will change. I'll buy new socks and new sneakers with the money I have. I don't need to worry about money ever again and my husband will come back too. I can feel it now, and it is a great feeling. Fluffy, please find me tonight..

~The Epic Tales of Joggey-Smokey Lady, Volume 17

Grey (1:37 AM)

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