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Monday, April 04, 2005

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Readiness is a key element in the process of life. Potentially, these things inside have the chance to blossom into a most fruitful apparition of what they actually are. One could see why life is so difficult at times and easier at others. Simple terminology requires more punctuation and the breath of the forthcoming must be as a sweeping wind to the subjects at hand to garner a greater outcome between all the players involved.

What is a personality? Is it a function of the predisposed feelings and notions of someone. If acquired improperly or merely the improper things are taken onto one's self, does this make for a sour soup? The ways in which we sweeten our lives, enhance our flavour, is not something easily obtained. Having horrible tastes for the subjects at hand, being unfair to the fair-challenged, are ways in which to enact revenge upon those that are unjust toward others.

Spewing forth a new genre of love and disdain, we revisit past loathings and markers of happiness. What more could one ask for? If it were givable, it would be passed from the gifter to the giftee. Please, be one with ourselves. Bring back something wanted between the moon and the sky. A peaceful moonlight blue represents more than the pale shimmer upon glassy rock and dull images skewed upon the ground, each giving its own shade and form to the scene we view.

Happiness yet to be drawn, as a semi-circle desperately seeking its missing pieces. Like a heart split in twain, or a building torn asunder by an unfair judge of character. What of the housefly without a home. I am such now; wanting more than the tree presents on a quiet Christmas morning. Leave it all behind to complete yourself now. Take a risk worth pursuing, be realistic, wholesome, and true to yourself. What more could one do for one's self in such? Yes, the step must have come before the staircase. Try this. For you. For me. For them.

For us.

Grey (1:06 AM)

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