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The Past

Saturday, August 13, 2005

"But it's not like she was the only one hooking up with people at that party!" exclaimed Brad.
"Yeah dude but that's my girlfriend! You know, the person that is not supposed to cheat on me." He said.
"Listen Jacob. Not for nothing bro but you're not so innocent yourself, you know. In fact you know that better than me. Always regretting this and that and shit. Dude, get your shit together. I know it's not as if you deserved to be treated badly or anythi.."
"No you're right." Jacob butted in. "I know I'm not the innocent one but man, people do things for reasons an.."
"And you had your reasons? And maybe she had hers." Brad was quick to rebuke.

Jacob sighed. He didn't know what to say at all. Everyday what he'd done had eaten him up inside and nothing he could do would make the pain go away. Jacob sniffed another line and looked up at Brad.

"That shit's been fucking you up since day one bro. You are so far gone."
"Thanks dad." Jacob chuckled and Brad joined in. He had a line too.
"Let's get out of this bathroom. People gonna think we're gay or something if they catch us in here." As he spoke Jacob wrapped the razor up in the celophane and stuck it way down in his pocket.
"Yeah for real." And with that they headed out of the bathroom and into Dexter's living room.
"You guys done?" questioned Dex.
"Not really. You got any food 'round here?" replied Brad.
"Nah dude. Shit all got eaten up at the party."
"Ah right right. Well let's hit up some place then." Jacob suggested.
Dex was sly in his reply, "Think I'd rather just sit around and watch T.V. or something. You in?"
"It's cool. We're gonna go out. Let's go man." He patted Brad on the stomach with the back of his hand and they headed out with a few "Later dude"s over the shoulder.

They headed down the street not really knowing where they were going. The car was still in the shop and walking had become their new mode of transportation. Fortunately, it allowed both of them to get to know each other again and discuss old times and generally shoot-the-shit.

Jacob grabbed his temples and began to rub rigidly. "Can't help thinkin' about it man. I'm such a sucker."
"Most guys are." That was the best sort of advice Brad could offer at this point. He was too off his ass to want to start some depressing conversation about chicks and how they're all conniving bitches or something. After a few minutes of walking, the silence got to him as he came down. He added, "You think you were in love?"
"Nah. I mean yeah, sure. But I dunno what that is you know? I tried really hard for a long time but it didn't really get me anywhere. She sorta stopped caring after awhile I think and I followed suit. Just tried to give her what she gave me really. Does that ever work though? Nah, I mean.. man, I dunno what I mean. I suck at relationships."
"Better than me dude. Living the single life is the way to go. No women, no problems as I see it. But you already knew that."
"Yeah you're the better guy between us." His voice become took a solemn tone and he stopped clutching at his head. "Listen man, about all that shit I said, you kno.."
Brad stopped and looked at Jacob dead in the eye. He put a hand on each of Jacob's shoulders and said, "Dude. That shit is so far in the past. You can't help it if you let the pussy do the talking. That shit owns you after awhile man and in the end you know who your friends are. After you sift through the knee-deep shit, you find all the answers and pull your head out of your fucking ass. You know how it is man, right?"
"Yeah I guess."
"Nah fuck 'I guess'. You know dude." Brad removed his hands from Jacob's shoulders and gave him a slight slap in the face. "You know."

The two chuckled and walked on.

"Well I think I'm gonna call her later and tell her to come over so we can talk shit out. I'm ready to forgive her. Even if we break up, whatever. At least I'll have a made a friend out of her." said Jacob.
"Up to you man. You know what's best. You wanna have a smoke? Gah, yeah you do, here." Brad handed him a cigarette and lit it for him then lit one of his own and took a deep drag. "Just do what you gotta do dude."
"Yeah. Do what I gotta do." Jacob replied as he exhaled a deep, fulfilling drag of nicotine. "Do what I gotta do."

Later that afternoon Jacob made the phone call. Only, her mom answered, but he found out Mia was actually on her way over. How unexpected he thought. She assured Jacob that Mia didn't seem upset when she left. He supposed he'd find out sooner or later. And just then the doorbell rang.

~Seven Times Once, Chapter 18

Grey (2:46 AM)

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