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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

I'm in a very transition-like stage. It's not transitional, just much like one. A pseudo-transition, if you will. My mind has been in one of those places I can't describe. At night when I'm alone and it's about this time(~1am), my brain does into this strange wave pattern it feels. I am so aware of the things around me in the dark. The hairs on my arms stand on end and I am conscious of things in all directions. It doesn't seem wrong but it certainly doesn't feel right either.

This new school sucks I've decided. Actually it sucks whether or not I had decided that just now or not. There's something about a personalized college I find ironic. In a world where we will all just be ants on the farm, a college that gets you there tending to your every singular need just doesn't seem to me the right environment to be educated. I liked the university setting where I was a peon and professors didn't even bother to make an attempt to get to know your name. Maybe it's because I'm anti-social, but I hate being called on in class with a passion. I also disliked mandatory attendance, not that I wouldn't go anything or something like that, but just the fact that they make it part of your grade at all is bullshit. Those who know me might see where that line of reasoning is going. Others will be in the dark. The philosophies of it are not something I will elaborate on here.

I've been achieving my online goals lately, but I took a loss in the friends department. Seems one of my pals, and new DM, has decided to take a different path in his mmorpg career and in a way it makes me smile. I like it when people can move onto new things after they've taken in all that they can(or could stand to) about a particular game. I am and will always be, at heart, a gamer. A lot of people look down on me for that, I know, but that doesn't mean I put it before things in life that matter. It's something to do when I have time to do it. So if you're reading this man, I'm happy for you. Just pay me back with good campaigns.

I want to address the new strip for those that may be having an issues with the content or the format. I received an anonymous e-mail concerning Seven Times Once and I couldn't reply to the address as it either had me blocked or was deleted shortly after, neither a good way to get a response back truthfully. Whoever did that, you're an idiot. But anyway, thanks for reading and enjoying the strip even though you expressed problems with the characters. I'll explain a little and I hope you find your answers hidden somewhere in the text. First of all, the events that take place in the story are not intended to recreate any events that have happened in my life or the life of anyone else in the story that has a name or similar attitude portrayed in the story. It's a coincidence, but there are reasons why I have chosen the names. I understand if some of you feel you were thrown a curveball with the last entry but it's ok. Just keep reading and eventually it will all be made clear. Or not, depending on how much you actually get out of the reading. Now, the actual format is something I've been toying with for awhile and I have most of the strips already written, but they were scattered and had plot holes so when I decided to debut the story at first, I knew it would have to start backwards since I knew how I wanted it to end but only had a dim idea of how I actually wanted it to start. This may sound like a rambling but it's not. I won't give you any spoilers but if you want to stop reading this post or skip to the next paragraph, go right ahead. The story is set in Rockland County, NY (if the familiar readers hadn't figured it out yet) and takes place mostly in the towns of Spring Valley and New City, as you'll see later on, or should I say "earlier on"? The women in the story all have a basic demeanor. That is, they all want one thing that you will see as the story unfolds. The men also only want one thing. Lies are not always lies even though they actually are. Sometimes we, in our lives, lie to protect the ones we love or even the ones we hate, for particular reasons. But as you'll see, the truth is not only what is important, but also what should be valued by the skeptical and ignorant above all things. Ultimately the characters hurt themselves but in the strangest ways and even I am excited to find out how. If anyone has any questions or comments or places I should visit(in Rockland) that they feel would enhance the story, e-mail me suggestions. Anyway, back to the blog..

For those of you that skipped that paragraph, good thing, cuz it turned into a rant. But anyway, the usual rules apply right now. Things suck, very few things are actually "good", I have school tomorrow, am back into a routine of hating my situation including my parents, and overall I feel exhausted at the end of everyday with the exception of Wednesday which is a bullshit day, but then I have a ton of homework due for Thursdays. So things are looking up!(lie). I'll see you around. Oh, and stay tuned for the next installment of Seven Times Once. I know you are all just sitting clicking the refresh button right? Yeah. Whatever.

Grey (1:02 AM)

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