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The Past

Thursday, September 29, 2005

"Hey man, you're not backing out on tonight, right?" Asked Brad.
Jacob was daydreaming but quickly snapped out of it. Sitting on the back of benches seemed to do that to him.
"Nah man. I'll be there. I've just been thinking."
"About what bro?" Brad sat on the bench acting slightly concerned although he probably couldn't care less being that fucking high. He knew he'd regret it if he didn't help his bro out right now. But that's just it he thought. He was always asking if something was wrong and Jacob was always like "Nah" or "I'm cool".
"Heh." Jacob gave a half-hearted sigh at this point. "I dunno man. Do I ever know? I just think a lot. So sue me."
"Fuck man.. If you had any money, I just might. You poor bastard."
They both laughed out loud and Jacob thought to himself how everyone in the park must be hearing them with as loud as they were being. Their laughter settled down slowly and Jacob's curled into a sigh.
Brad looked Jacob in the eye and said, "Alright. So at seven you pick me up at my place and we'll head on over?"
"Sounds about right."
"Is Mia gonna be there?"
"I didn't tell her. I really don't want her getting wrapped up in that sort of shit man. She's a good girl and I dunno if.."
Brad cut in quickly. "Whoa whoa whoa, what a second. So you're going to like the hottest party of the year and not telling your girlfriend. That sounds really suspicious man, especially if I were her it would."
"I know dude." Jacob's voiced trailed off.
"What was that?"
"I know dude." Jacob annunciated for Brad. "What? You got bad hearing now?"
"Maybe. Or maybe I'm HIGH OFF MY ASS!" Brad yelled so loud a baby in a nearby carriage began to cry.
"Shit man now look what you've done. His mom's gonna be pissed. Let's get the hell outta here."
And with that the two left that dinky little Children's Park just as the attendant drove by on the golf-cart. They parted ways and headed home.

A few hours later Jacob drove up to Brad's house jamming on the horn. He yelled out the car window, "Let's go motherfucker! You know what time I was coming over!"
Brad actually heard him too and yelled, "I'll be right out dude!" from his room window. Soon after they were on their way. Brad didn't have much to say in the car and Jacob was thinking too much about what he planned on doing. So he started in with that when they were already almost there.
"I'm gonna get high like a mutha-fuckin' kite yo."
"You didn't need to tell me that 'yo'."
Jacob chuckled slightly as he pulled up to Dexter's house. Dexter ran out having seen their pull up. Seems they were not the first to arrive on the scene.
"Hey man!" Dexter was clearly inebriated, holding a can of Schlitz in his left hand and swinging his right had out for a very uncoordinated horizontal handslap.
"Sup Dex." Brad seemed to remember just then how much he really didn't like Dexter for that shit he did back in high school with the ice cream cone. But that's another story altogether.
"Sup Dex." Jacob had a similar reply and also thought about how much he didn't like Dexter for that shit with the ice cream cone too.
"So.. you guys want ice cream?" The three of them burst out laughing on the front lawn but that subsided rather quickly.
"So what's on the agenda tonight man?" asked Jacob.
"Agenda man? More like menu. You know your girl is in there right now getting served?" Dexter replied probably not thinking about how much more that would piss off Jacob than the ice cream cone incident in Sophomore year.
"What?!" Jacob marched up the lawn into the house. In reality he didn't actually care what Mia was doing but he felt as thought he had to act like a man sometimes.
"Now you've gone and done it man." Brad said nonchalantly.
"What I say dude?" asked Dexter and he dropped his can on the lawn and proceeded to vomit.
Brad looked at Dexter for a moment than said, "Alright dude! See you at the party!" He patted Dexter on the back who managed a "Hell yeah!" while keeling over. Brad headed toward the house as well.
Inside Jacob was making a scene. It was as if the music stopped in one part of the house but most of the people there didn't seem to give a shit that Jacob was talking a little louder than they would have liked.
"So you're with this guy now?" Jacob was trying to act tough but this 'guy' saw right through it pretty much and also really didn't care.
"No." Mia replied. She took on a solemn tone. "Jacob where have you been the past couple days?" She stood up and backed Jacob up against a wall. "I've been wanting to fuck for days now." Mia bit her lower lip as she said this and Jacob couldn't help but melt against her breasts.
"I..I. I was thinking. A-at the park." He paused and untensed his body against hers and wrapped an arm around her waist. He could smell liquor on her breath and a little something else he was ignoring at the time. "Sometimes I just need to get away and think, ya know?"
"I know Jay. I know." Mia rested her head on his left shoulder. He looked over to the couch but that other guy was gone. He didn't really care either.
"I sucked him off Jacob, but it didn't mean anything. I've been so stupid."
"It's ok Mia. I.." Just then she put a finger on her lips and took his hand. She led him upstairs to Dex's sister's room where they chatted for awhile before fucking like animals.
Brad found a a place he could hang out in Jacob's absence. He mosied on over to the weed section of the party and after about thirty minutes fell asleep on some guy's shoulder. Actually it was the same guy tha Mia had sucked off, but Brad didn't know that at the time. As it turns out, that guy was gay (and in fact neither of them would find out either, but Mia knew) and he was rubbing Brad's chest while he was sleeping. Eventually he'd wake up and pound about six beers in fifteen minutes before passing out on one of Dexter's couches while staring at the white fuzz of the television.
After his violation session, Jacob walked downstairs, leaving Mia on the bed. He joined the festivities and witnessed all of Brad's beer drinking. He had a bit to smoke himself as well as some coke. He doesn't remember where he passed out and neither do I, but it certainly wasn't anywhere near Mia. The night went and the party drifted onward. Overnight it seems Jacob's car was stolen and a broken voicemail message on his cellphone lead him to believe it had been recovered but in a shop somewhere.

Then the morning came.

~Seven Times Once, Chapter 17

Grey (12:40 PM)

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