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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

"I love you, Mia." Jacob was so brilliant with his words.
"I love you, Jacob." She stood upon her toes to reach his lips at the doorstep. She stared into his eyes until she felt he was ready to leave and she caught him, continuing to speak.
"Jacob, I uh.."
"What is it babe?" God he was so smooth, his voice like silk upon her soul.
She picked up her voice, so as not to sound so solemn and worry him unnecessarily, "I wanna talk this week ok?" She was perky in more ways than one.
"Sure babe. Whenever you want, just call me."
"Ok. I will J."
"Take care now babe."
"You too honey. I love you."
"See ya later."
She suddenly cut him off, remembering what she wanted to ask him.
He turned around and stood on her walkway staring at her over his left shoulder. "Yeah?"
"I see what you're doing." She winked at him. "Two 'E's. I see." and she winked again. He chuckled at her.
"Alright babe, see ya later." And he blew her a kiss.

And with that he walked off the porch and toward his car. He didn't drive much she thought, but a man isn't determined by his car. The sex was great and she loved the feeling of loving someone and fucking them. It was a match made in heaven, something her mother always used to say. Back seats weren't as comfortable as they looked though.

She went into the house and tossed her keys on the plate alongside her mother's.
"Moooom! I'm home."
Her mother came around the corner, startling her as they almost collided, carrying a basket of laundry. "Yes dear, I know. How was your date?"
"Oh it was wonderful mom! We talked a lot on the way to places, we went out to eat, he took me dancing, god can he dance! We went out for ice cream. It was wonderful!"
"Wow, he sounds like a really good guy Mia. What's his name?"
"Jacob.." Mia looked like she was tossing fireballs at her mother.
"Mom, we've being going together for a couple weeks now and I never told you his name?"
"Well, honey.. I'm sure you did. I'm just very busy. I can't remember everything. And by the way, stop buying this butt-floss. It's so hard to clean!"
Her mother put the basket down on the kitchen table, pulled out a G-string, and slinged it at Mia. It landed right on her face and they both laughed a good laugh, smiling. Mia ran over and hugged her mom tightly. Her mother sighed and placed a hand on Mia's head.
"Mom. I love you so much. Everything you've done for me, sacrificed for me.." She plopped down in a seat and took a solemn, blank look at the floor.
"Mia. I'm your mother. You don't have to say those things to me. It's my duty."
"I know. But there's nobody else to thank mom."
"Well your father is an asshole. You can always thank him for leaving."
"I do mom."
"Oh?" Her mom butting in promptly, placing a hand over her mouth.
"Everyday." Her voiced drifted off. Mia stood up and headed up the stairs. Half way up she noticed her mom watching her every move. She stopped a moment.
"Yes Mia?" She said it as if she had been waiting an eternity to say it, eagerly.
Mia waited a moment until all the sound around her vanished.
"Things are gonna get better."
"Yeah honey. They will. Get some sleep."
Mia hurried up the rest of the stairs and threw off her clothes. She took a shower and brushed her teeth and thought about all the things that went on since the fight. Everything was going just as planned. Everything.

~Seven Times Once, Chapter 14

Grey (4:59 PM)

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