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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

She couldn't help but feel compelled to kiss him and so she did. Her lips and his meeting on a quiet front, the air around them receeding in vaccuum-like fashion. Upon her release from his dry, cracked lips, she fell backwards and sighed a wonderful sigh. What just happened? She could barely recall it. This, her knight, her savior. Why? Was he even cute? Am I so shallow? She remember it as such, all the pieces now misaligned..

She gave him a violent shake, grabbing him by the shirt as he lay there on the concrete, nose running red and out of breath.
"Are you ok??" she was franctic, not knowing whether he was so beaten or whether he was just resting. He didn't look well and she didn't know what to do. She couldn't very well call the police either.

When she entered the club that night she saw him, standing to one side drinking a beer slowly. They made eye contact and they both smiled at each other. She wondered if he knew her name. He was handsome and probably good in bed she thought. She tried to weasel her way across the dance floor a bit to get a closer look without being noticed and trying to be noticed at the same time.

The punch landed smack across the forehead, the first, the second, she lost count. Apparently he wasn't a very good fighter, but he made up for it in good looks she thought. He fought back, not giving up and not knowing why he was doing all of this. A left, a right, and he was thrown down and stepped upon. Everyone walked away.

They made eye contact once again and she left her friend behind for awhile. Joanna? Christine? She didn't even remember but she didn't remember how close she got before the bump. He came out of nowhere. He grabbed by the hair and whispered into her ear. She'd never forget those words: Let's fuck now baby. She almost panicked but didn't want to scream. Why am I so dumb she thought? This guy was totally tripping on E and she knew it. His breath stunk of alcohol and tanned leather. She was being dragged away into bathroom.

"Take it outside! NOW!" screamed the bouncer. Jacob's intervention was not well met by the crowd. Everyone seemed to know this guy, this asshole trying to rape Mia. He tossed Jacob outside forcefully. This guy was at least three times Jacob's size in muscle and twice his weight easily. Jacob got in the first few shots but it turned sour pretty fast. She saw a look of determination in his eyes, some passion she wanted to be a part of. It lit a flame in her heart momentarily but she took little time to notice it. She was horny for him.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Jacob placed his hand on the brute's shoulder.
"My business, what's it to ya?"
"I couldn't help but notice the lady struggling. Mind taking your hands off her?"
Mia began to break down and cry. Perhaps it was the fact that she was being pulled by her long, brown hair, or perhaps she was shedding tears of joy for the situation unfolding was one much out of a romance novel and her Zoro was here to save her, maskless, known.
"Sure." the brute tugged hard on Mia's hair finally releasing her and letting her hit the wooden floor hard. Her cell phone crashed again it too, shattering the display. She crawled up against the wall a moment and began wiping the tears from her eyes and she tried to stare into Zoro's. A punch was thrown, it wasn't Zoro's first though and suddenly a deep, low voice screamed and everyone ran outside.

"Just a daydream." She spoke to herself as if to scold her mind for wandering. Staring at the ceiling, touching herself, what more was there to do? Mia sat up in her naught but her underwear. She thought a moment then said "Fuck it." and plopped back down on her back, spread across the bed once more.
"Maybe I'll call him." She really didn't have much else to do. She remembered how much her love had grown for him since then and wanted so bad to have him here, right now. With her, inside her, loving her. She sighed and rolled over, curling into a ball, losing herself in another memory.

~Seven Times Once, Chapter 13

Grey (4:59 PM)

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