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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

That night Mia had a dream. She drempt about the future and about the now and the then. She woke up chipper and strolled down to the bathroom. She so did very much love the morning, that is, when she remembered that is existed and set her alarm to experience it.

"Mia!" came a shout from downstairs. It was mom.
"Yeaaah!?" she shouted back.

Her mother made her way slowly up the stairs and met Mia in the bathroom.

"Was it it mom?"
"Oh nothing, just wondering why you're awake so early."
"Eh, my body said 'time to wakey!' and here I am!"
"I see. Well you have a good day dear. I'm off to work. I left some toast and eggs on the table."
"Aww mom! Thanks so much!" and with those words she gave her mom and big wet kiss on her left cheek. Mom smiled at Mia, patted her on the head, and off she went.
"Take care hon."

As she stared delightfully at herself in the mirror as she brushed her teeth, she lost her train of thought and wandered back to scenes in the dream. She saw a small puppy, a torn dollar bill under its paw, and a departing train. She picked up that puppy, or so she thought, and put it in her car. She doesn't remember what happened next though.

Mia galloped down the stairs daintily and shoved a piece of toast in her mouth and she rummaged through the refrigerator looking for the orange juice. She poured a tall glass and looked up at the clock.

"Seven thirty-seven!? What the hell is wrong with me??" But then Mia remembered she fell asleep last night sometime around nine without having eaten breakfast. Her phone conversation with Jacob had left her very tired but elated. Her blood pressure soared as she became reinvigorated with the thoughts of what they talked about. It was really anything of substance, and she knew that. It was just that she got to speak to him at all. It had been days and she had been secretly planning something. But then again, she was always planning something.

She went out for a jog and played with the cat when she got back in, then took a shower and watched some T.V. Mia wasn't a fan of the television, but she sure loved killing time. These times were hers and no one could take them away from her. She spent to bulk of the morning flipping channels and laughing at stupid people. She completed a crossword puzzle and once noon came, she grabbed her cell, keys, and headed out the door to the mall. What would she steal today, she thought.

The reasons Mia did what she did were clear and always with purpose. She did what she saw fit to survive in a world where parents weren't guardians and the older you got, the less likely you were to have respect. But she didn't want respect; she wanted free shit. She used anything she could to get what she wanted, including herself. The world was Mia's oyster today and she was going to have all the pearls she wished for.

And really, who was going to stop her?

~Seven Times Once, Chapter 7

Grey (8:10 PM)

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