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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

"So can I rely on you for this dude?"
"Dude, when have I ever let you down?"
"A few times, but that's not what I'm asking."
"Yeah yeah. I'm consistently on time though!"
"I wasn't asking for consistency. I was asking if I could rely on you."
"Same thing man."
"Not exactly."
"Bullshit, it's the same thing!"
"Not quite. Reliability is consistency with a splash of trust."
"Technicalities. Whatever man, I will be there on time. Quit worrying."

But when Jacob hung up the phone he wasn't worried. Actually he didn't think about it again after he called Mia and told her Brad would be swinging by to pick her up and then to pick him up, because he lived closer to Mia than to him.

The plan was set and the movie tickets were paid for. Why Mia wanted to see that movie was a mystery. She didn't even like action flicks or anything, but she suggested it. Jacob wasn't going to question it though. He did want to see it anyway, and she was paying for it so why ask why?

Jacob got ready, prepping himself up with his usual sharp attire and just enough cologne to make the ladies wild. But there was only one lady on his mind tonight. 'The perfect woman', he sometimes described her as, or, 'that delicate momma' at other times. In either case, Jacob's tone was just as sincere and he did seem to care for her very much. Why else would be have bought her that necklace? He had a plan you see, and it was all going to work out perfectly; just like he wanted.

At about 7:25, the doorbell rang. Jacob shut the lid of his laptop and slid down the stair railing to answer the door. As soon as he opened it, Mia jumped into his arms and Brad peeked out from behind her, giving a passing glance and a monotone 'hey'. They packed into Brad's car and sped away to the Palisades Mall.

After finding some choice parking they hurried quickly to the movie theatre, claimed their tickets and sat in the most perfect spot, exactly where Mia knew Jacob liked it. She always knew just where he liked it.

~Seven Times Once, Chapter 6

Grey (1:48 AM)

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