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Monday, August 14, 2006

Mia decided she was going to spend the next few days or weeks (whichever was less taxing and more beneficial) pleasing Jacob. She was going to make him do less girly crap, which she detested doing in the first place but felt it would add a bit of estrogen to her life, and start seeing the world through his eyes a bit more. It was the main focus of her plot to wrangle Jacob in such a way that he could not escape. She had overheard him speaking about a "sleeper hold" to Brad and decided it would be wise to look it up on the internet. So she did and understood what they were talking about. It was these little things that she was to do in the next few weeks that would tie the knot tighter.

"Yea Mia?"
"Tell me, where do you see yourself in five years?"
"Where ever you are."

Jacob knew he was lying, but he also knew it was what she wanted to hear. In actuality he didn't where he wanted to be so it wasn't exactly a hurtful lie.. more like an uneducated one.

"Aww, that's sweet Jacob. But I meant something clearer."

Jacob thought for a moment or two. Moments in his world were very brief and thus it was easy to fit several into a five-second time frame.

"Not sure babe. All's I know is I hate this place and I wanna leave. I wanna hop on a train and just go, get off at the last stop and declare that home."
"I see. Can I come?"
"That's the plan!" Jacob replied very contently. He went about changing the subject quickly.
"Do you like the necklace?"
"Oh yes! yes! I love it J. No one's ever given me anything.. special.. before." Mia lowered her head and sat down on the edge of her bed. Jacob, sensing something odd, turned about from her computer to look at her. He tried to make eye-contact but she was staring at the floor as Francis rubber against her leg, purring. After a few seconds he got up and sat behind her and pulled her back into his chest, holding her, kissing her head.

"You deserve it. All of it. You're the best. I don't care what you were before we met Mia. I know it's been hard, but I'm here for you now and that's all that matters. Me and Francis, see?" She gave a quaint chuckle.
"Well maybe you. Francis is a lazy fat-cat. All he's good for is waking me up to feed him and getting cat-hair everywhere!"

She un-tensed and let herself melt in his arms. She glanced over at her piggy bank which sat on her dresser.

"Jacob--country or city?"
"Hmm. Suburbs. Not quite either, I guess."

With that she turned about and smooched him hard on the lips.

"I know just the thing!"

~Seven Times Once, Chapter 5

Grey (4:13 AM)

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